Circus of Horrors

category 1: € 27 instead of € 35
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Zirkus des Horrors (Circus of Horrors) with a new show: “INQUISITION – the Torture Chamber”nis finally back in Berlin! SPINE-TINGLING THRILLS in the torture chamber.
After enjoying sensational success in a variety of German capitals, the ZIRKUS DESHORRORS by ROMANZA circus productions is once again on a grand tour of Germany this year. It will be landing in Berlin from March 10th – April 24th 2016 with its new show“INQUISITION – the Torture Chamber”at the central fair grounds in Berlin. Nosferatu will personally guide you into his torture chamber. The entire circus has been transformed by dark forces. In the ZIRKUS DES HORRORS, you’ll experience an innovative and action-packed show that’s always full of surprises. Even in the foyer, you’ll be greeted by bizarre characters and frightful apparitions. You’ll have a chance to fortify yourself with a snack or have a drink
to calm your nerves before you get started. Take your seat as one of 1,400 guests to watch the ring full of demons, vampires, possessed artists, and nightmarish clowns. They’ll take your breath away again and again throughout the show. Freaks drill centimeters-long nails into their bodies, and let themselves be hung by their skin and hair. Motorcycles fly through the air, while columns of fire shoot up from the floor. Watch out for evil clown Maleficus – nobody’s safe from his bizarre jokes … not even you. Be
amazed at the daredevils Kiminus and Belenus in the Wheel of Death, and handstand artists walking across burning coals. Get goosebumps while you watch Senayt Assefa, the boneless woman, who can contort her body into absolutely unbelievable shapes. Our ballet girls may be beautiful, but they
’re also dangerous. Experience a slightly offbeat love story between the
Rolling Wheel Duo on the aero wheel, and journey with us through two and a half hours with no net and no safeties. Everything you experience here is
real, and it’s happening right before your eyes! INQUISITION is like a terrible car wreck – you don’t want to look, but you can’t help yourself. But watch out! A visit to our world isn’t for the faint of heart; it’s an evening you’ll never forget!


Zirkus des Horrors
Zentraler Festplatz

Kurt-Schumacher-Damm 207
13405 Berlin

Opening times:

Tuesday to Sunday: daily Shows starting at 07:30 am


Tel.: 0049 (0)7942 – 9471435

way to Zentraler Festplatz Berlin, Kurt-Schumacher-Damm 207, 13405 Berlin:

with public transport:

metro: U7 Jakob-Kaiser-Platz, U6 Kurt-Schumacher-Platz
Bus: X21, M 21, N 21 Jakob-Kaiser-Platz