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Everything flows. In a metropolitan city like Berlin, change is the usual state of affairs. Buildings are constructed, demolished, upgraded and then devalued. A vibrant organism that discovers itself anew each and every day, possessing a certain fragility as it threatens to devour itself and then implode. A state of permanent excess prevails encompassing extravagant bling at one end of the scale and piles of refuse at the other.

The band Kreuz Ost explores this dichotomy in their music. The band not only creates ethereal electro-pop beats with a relaxed summer-vibe, perfect for chilling out on the balcony or for walks in the park, but also produces exciting and energetic club beats for partying from dusk until dawn.

Lead singer Polly’s voice floats sensuously over the electronic sounds produced by band members Simon and Ralph and the German lyrics convey their view of the city. This is an honest and subjective view, which does not just seek to consciously focus on all that is good, but also accurately conveys the sometimes mystifying matters that lie close to Berliner’s hearts. By examining the minutiae of daily existence, the band contemplates both the big questions and also the inner turmoil that pervades modern life. The line from the band’s song Aufgewacht which asks, “Take notes or stop for breakfast?” is a fitting soundtrack for a city which cannot or will not decide.

Take a few moments and get off the hamster wheel of city life, take a breath, close your eyes, feel the sun on your skin and allow yourself to float away as Kreuz Osts’s electro beats transport you to a dreamlike state.

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Kreuz Ost GbR
Pintschstraße 9
10249 Berlin