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Sie sind auf der Suche nach einer kompakten Stadtführung, bei der Sie in kurzer Zeit so viel wie möglich von der Stadt sehen? Dann ist diese Stadtführung genau das Richtige für Sie. Entdecken Sie bei einer 4-stündigen Stadtführung das Beste von Berlin. Zusammen mit einem qualifizierten Stadtführer begeben Sie sich zu Fuß auf eine Erkundungstour zu den bekanntesten Sehenswürdigkeiten der Stadt.

First time in Berlin? This is the perfect tour for you! Visit all of Berlin’s most famous sights and hear the secret stories that make the past come to life! Using the latest historical research our guides will show you the wild, tragic story of this great city. Stroll through the Brandenburg Gate, stand above the remains of Hitler’s bunker, and cross the Cold War frontier at Checkpoint Charlie. In under 4 hours you’ll see it all!

Hitler’s Germany

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November – April: Donnerstag und Samstag 10:00 Uhr
April – November: Di, Do, Sa, So 10:00 Uhr

For 12 years Berlin was capital of the Third Reich. Discover the consequences of the ‘Thousand Year Reich’ Hear the fate of Berlin’s Jewish district, visit the site of the former SS & Gestapo Headquarters at the Topography of Terror Museum, see the destruction caused by Allied bombing in WWII. Learn about the rise to power of the National Socialist Party, how Joseph Goebbels’ propaganda strengthened the party’s grip on the German people, how Albert Speer planned to make Berlin into Germania, capital of the empire of the world. Stand before Hermann Göring’s sprawling Luftwaffe HQ.

Finish your tour where the Nazis‘ reign of terror came to an end: in front of Germany’s parliament, the Reichstag, where Soviet forces were placing their flag above a ruined Berlin whilst the Führer prepared to commit suicide not even 1km away.

East Berlin
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November – April: Samstag 10:00 Uhr
April – November: Dienstag und Samstag 10:00 Uhr

Come with us and experience the time of Kennedy, Khrushchev, Gorbachev and Reagan, when the USA and USSR came face to face every day, when there were guards standing over the Berlin Wall, and escape tunnels running beneath it.

Dive into Berlin’s divided days and take a hard look at life with communism, secret police, and the Berlin Wall.  Why did Germany split into two countries? Did the Wall really come down by accident? Was East Germany really the most spied upon society in history? Our expert guides answer all these questions and more as we take you back in time to tour a city torn in two.

Berlin Food Crawl
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April – November: Freitag 12:00 Uhr

After a welcome drink from Germany’s oldest still-existing brewery, enjoy samples of the most famous traditional German dishes (Currywurst!) and discover what else Berlin’s multi-cultural food scene has to offer. See what years of post-war immigration have brought to the capital and hear how the so-called Turkish ‘guest workers’ invented Germany’s most beloved street food in Berlin. After that, it’s off to one of Berlin´s most beautiful neighborhoods: „Prenzlberg“, as the locals call it. Explore with our guide how this former working-class neighbourhood has become so trendy and how Berliners deal with the gentrification process in general. In an intimate atmosphere of 15 participants at most, you’ll also have plenty of time to ask your guide any and all questions about Berlin. We’ll finish the tour in a typical German “Beer garden” close to one of Berlin’s most interesting parks, the Mauerpark!


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November – April: Samstag 9:45 Uhr
April – November: Mi, Do, Sa, So 9:45 Uhr

For nearly three centuries, the scenic town of Potsdam just outside Berlin was the residence of the Prussian kings, princes, and German emperors of the House of Hohenzollern who created a fairy-tale landscape of palaces, gardens, and churches that ranks among the most beautiful in Europe.

But the cruel realities of 20th Century history intervened in 1945.  Visit the grounds of Cecilienhof Palace, scene of the Potsdam Conference, where an American president, a Soviet dictator, and a British prime minister sat down to shape the future of Germany and Europe after World War II, ushering in the Cold War.  Cross the “Bridge of Spies”, where Gary Powers was traded in 1962 and see the former Stasi prison, run by the East German secret police.

The tour ends back in the 18th Century.  Finish in the enchanting surroundings of Sanssouci Park and Palace, created by Frederick the Great.  You can then explore Sanssouci on your own or accompany the guide back to Berlin.


original berlin walks
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